About the band

We are Snack, a local R&B/Soul/Funk band from Portland, Oregon.

The project was started by Cy Blue and Kat for the love of music in the summer of 2022.

We hope you enjoy our music, because we sure do!


About the members


Kat is a visionary force to be reckoned with. She has helped shape the band’s overall brand since its inception in 2022 when she formed the band alongside bassist Cy Blue. Weaving her creativity through both the band’s music and visuals, Kat uses her talents to help form the band's complete sensory experience. She continues to lead the way, singing lead vocals and designing the majority of the group’s artwork.

Cy Blue Branch

Once Cy locked down the ability to shred on bass, he knew he needed to expand his musical reach. Cy’s love of funk music and knack for networking led to the creation of Snack, alongside the visionary efforts of lead singer Kat. Beyond his talent for bass and guitar, Cy had the intuition to recruit band members that not only possessed strong musical abilities, but simultaneously fit Kat’s artistic vision and the band’s musical direction. Cy can spot the best in others often before they see it themselves.

José Rioseco

José’s prowess on the drums keeps the rest of the band on their toes. His long background in live performance allows him to see how songs may be taken to a live setting. He doubles as the band’s booking manager, forming relationships and maintaining forward movement. Never settling for less, José pushes Snack to deliver the best performance to their ability. His philosophy can be summed up by his favorite catch phrase: “If it’s not a ‘f*** yeah’, it’s a ‘f*** no’.”

Doug Withrow

Music is Doug’s first job, his second job, and his hobby. Dedicating his day to teaching music to children, Doug's knowledge of theory expands beyond the classroom into his red hot alto sax solos which have helped shape Snack’s signature sound. He has a knack for seeing the whole musical picture of a song, honing in on the harmony, melody, and rhythm to bring out the best in any tune. Able to feel the nuances of the sounds around him, Doug quietly leads the band into sonically masterful territory.

Jon deVries

It is a near-universal consensus that Jon is the best trumpet player in the world. At least with regard to a deeply obscure niche of trumpet playing that has yet to be discovered. Despite this honor Jon remains humble, rejecting the stereotype that trumpet players are competitive in favor of an approach based on the virtues of peace, love, and listening. In the rare moment Jon is not absolutely shredding it on the trumpet, you can find him eating copious amounts of ice cream, reading books he doesn't really understand, and standing outside while swinging his arms all silly (doing tai-chi).

Mike See

With a decades-long background in both drum corps and ska bands, Mike has developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of horn music and arrangements. Wielding the trombone, Mike brings an energy to Snack that can only be fully understood on the other side of the horn. This energy makes him the perfect band member, able to blend seamlessly into the ensemble while also adding a distinct flavor to the music.

Ryan Mooney

Mooney brings decades of punk rock and technical experience to Snack, insisting that one instrument in the bass register is not enough. He adds a low end boom to the band's otherwise typical jazz-funk lineup. Beyond his sick sax playing, Mooney has become a valuable resource for the band through his technical background and extensive experience playing local shows. In his free time, he listens to an eclectic–and sometimes obscure–range of music which helps the band maintain a singular vision.

Chris Motti

Playing music for most of his life, Chris' passion for piano started young and has grown through the years. A culminating moment occurred in 2022 with the release of his debut album "Progressions", a solo project featuring all-original compositions. Classically trained but playing many different genres through the years (rock, swing, jazz, pop), he brings versatility to the band and his own distinct sound rich in tonality, improvisation, and expressiveness. His keyboard helps define the subtleties of Snack’s sound with tasty chords and distinct patches.


Aaron Ettlin

Descending from the viking horde of the icy fjords of north Portland, Aaron raged wrathful conquest on every guitarist in near a three block radius. Emerging victorious yet blood lust unsated, Aaron followed the call of a distant drum. That drumming came from a far away land unfamiliar to him, and it was filled with strange new people. Banding together with these new warriors proved fruitful and a powerful new clan emerged, striking fear into all those who heard its thunder.


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